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Robotic tray loading

Highest process safety in vial handling -
from manual to fully automatic operation

One of the world’s leading pharma producers of generics and biosimilars needed a smart solution to load and monitor trays of vials fully automatically. Previously,  it had only been possible to load Akylux trays of vials manually and process steps in this connection usually involved substantial risks and manpower. The customer obviously assigned high priority to the safe automated handling of vials for high-quality pharmaceuticals. After the loading process, the trays of vials are first put in quarantine before being processed further.

Main focus was placed on process safety, gentle handling of product, protection against mix-ups and automatic in-process control. In times where prices are regulated in the pharmaceutical industry high economy efficiency was a relevant aspect and the low space available in the line installation was yet another challenge.

100 percent Automation
Robotic tray loading


Robotic Tray Loader

Protection against mix-ups with non-labeled products
Controlling mix-ups with non-labeled vials had to be implemented by marking a data matrix code on the lids with invisible ink. Incorrectly marked vials needed to be detected and rejected reliably by a camera system. Among other things, this valid process prevents potential product mix-ups which is vital when products are not labeled. A fully automatic in-process control was also implemented.

Quick project implementation and qualification
The project involving three machine units was realized within a period of only 8 months. Following a successful qualification phase based on the GMP guideline of the EU, annexes 11, 15, and ICH Q9, the three ordered units were put into a three-shift production. pester pac automation’s robotic tray loading solution for the automation of vial handling provided the customer with a customized concept which completely met all specified requirements.

Beladen der Akylux Trays
Loading of akylux trays

Zuführen der Vials
Vial feeding

Robotic Tray Loading
Robotic Tray Loading

Inkjet Bedruckung und Kamera Kontrolle
Inkjet printing and camera monitoring

  • Feeding of non-labeled vials via sorting plate or infeed conveyor
  • Control and rejection of lying vials
  • Marking of caps with invisible data matrix UV code
  • Control and rejection of faulty products via camera system
  • Transfer of vials via transport screw to ensure gentle product handling
  • Feed of empty Akylux trays in loading station
  • Loading of up to 200 vials/minute into trays via robot
  • Optionally equipped with in-process control
Benefits of Pester solution
  • Smart, economical vial handling solution
  • Compact,  easy-to-clean GMP design
  • Intuitive operation of machine via HMI tangius 4.2
  • Consistent control system with integrated camera
  • Quick format change through low number of format change parts
  • High process safety
  • High efficiency

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