Digital & Human
Inspired by people

Your digital experience – we make operator guidance, human-machine communication and diagnosis simple and intuitive for your success. Let us see digitization as an opportunity to simplify your processes and increase your productivity and agility with best-fit technologies for you.


Your digital partner

Digitization for your success - in exchange with our customers, we reflect relevant trends and market conditions and realize digital innovations. Benefit from the development of innovative digital products and solutions that increase your operating comfort and optimize the performance and safety of your packaging process.

Your digital future

With our strategic focus on sustainability and digitization, we develop sustainable digital products and solutions for packaging machines and lines, for new machines or retrofit. Our digital portfolio supports the economic efficiency and future orientation of your systems and line solutions.

Your digital journey

Our digital products optimize your machine operation, improve your productivity, and simplify monitoring. Safety aspects, assistance, and ease of use are of the highest priority. We accompany you 360° around your new machines and retrofit systems.