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Experience a new dimension in pharma liquid handling – without glass-to-glass contact.

Minimized risk of glass breakage, highest process safety and maximum productivity – our intelligent automation solutions will set a new benchmark in gentle handling of liquids.

Benefit from 15 years‘ experience in liquid packaging. Guaranteed safe packaging of vials, syringes, ampoules, cartridges, carpules, bottles, pens and auto-injectors throughout all packaging and handling processes.

Pester provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for packaging liquid pharmaceuticals:

Packaging solutions
Forming & loading of:
  • vials in cardboard trays
  • vials in wraparound cases
  • vials in lidded trays
  • vials in Akylux boxes with and without spacers 
Depalletizing & feeding
  • Depalletization, separation and feeding of vials in multi-use systems
  • Depalletization and unpacking of inhalers in lidded cardboard trays
  • Depalletization & feeding of carpules in trays
  • Depalletization & feeding to inspection machinery, labeling and packaging processes
The new generation of liquid packaging
Cutting-edge handling system without glass-to-glass contact

Smart, without glass-to-glass contact and highly efficient – experience our automated handling system for glass containers. Look forward to a new dimension of safe vial handling – 400 vials per minute without direct glass-to-glass contact.

Your liquid expert
Rainer Röcker
Senior Manager Pharma Liquid
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