Digital & Human: smart and simple human-machine communication - New HMI with Pester tangius 4.0

Experience the new 4.0 generation of machine operation.
Pester’s new HMI sets standards for intelligent and modern machine communication. The smart touchscreen interface is clear, intuitive and interactive. Quick and simple search for your parameters down to component level via the 3D visualization with real machine models.
New-generation HMI
100% Industry 4.0

Pester’s modern 15.6” HMI with tangius 4.0 software is designed with a 16:9 multi touchscreen. Operation is user-controlled on the basis of state-of-the-art Microsoft WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) technology.

The Pester PPM (product – process – machine) module offers your operating personnel intelligent guidance throughout the process and ensures quick and productive changeovers to new products and formats.

Experience intuitive navigation on the 3D model of your machine with real machine data down to component level. Due to its clear menu structure, the modern GUI (graphical user interface) helps you to reach your goal in half the time.

The unique visual user guidance enables fast analysis and troubleshooting in the event of a fault. Spare parts are instantly identified down to component level.

With the transfer of data on mobile terminals, an integrated camera for future applications such as QR code detection, a RFID card reader for operator authentication and the Pester remote service, your machine is well-prepared for digitalization requirements.

Your benefits
  • 50% faster machine operation via 3D surface and flat menu structure
  • Fast troubleshooting through visual operator guidance
  • Fast support for format changeover
  • Fast recognition of spare parts down to component level
Your features
  • Wi-Fi for mobile devices
  • RFID for operator logins and format part identification
  • Integrated camera for QR code detection
  • Pester remote service for fast support
  • Audit trail functions for users, format management, value changes and alarms (including logging)
  • Batch administration with valid logging
  • 100% compliant with CFR21 Part11 Directive
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and surface platforms
  • Ready for mobile data transfer and web technology – OPC UA
Your options

Real-time & mobile OEE monitoring
Use our OEE software to calculate the efficiency and exact downtimes of your machine. Benefit from OEE machine performance monitoring in real- and runtime in accordance with DIN standards. Your benefits
  • Availability of machine data in real-time
  • Mobile access
  • All major machine KPIs visible at a glance: overall efficiency including availability, performance and quality
Energy management
Benefit from efficient energy management. Our energy management module provides a clear display and the evaluation of your Pester machine’s electrical and pneumatic consumption data. This module is only available in conjunction with the OEE module and requires OPC UA communication.

Your contact
Ralf Abler
phone +49 8334 / 607-273